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Free Laptop Computers In Schools

By admin On May 9, 2009 No Comments
Laptop computers for free is real. Only you need to find genuine offers. That’s what we are helping with.
Have you noticed that free laptop computers are beginning to dictate what happens in the classroom? Additionally, mobile technology is changing where learning takes place. This is especially true as free laptops computers are entering the educational arena in ever increasing numbers.
Professors actively engaged in education via technology see laptops computers as a way to give real life experiences to otherwise insipid theories. For instance, physics students can witness the breakdown of radioactive materials, math students can apply their knowledge of logic to projects that use spreadsheets, and English majors can evaluate peers’ poetry and prose. With free laptop computers in the classroom, access to additional information and knowledge is readily available.
This has inspired many donors to start giving free laptop computers to students. Some don’t even set any condition such as grades ro course programs. Free notebooks computers are just given to all students in a certain class of the school.

Free Laptop Computers: Real or Not?

By admin On May 6, 2009 No Comments
Can you really get a free laptop computer online? Great question:
Free laptop computers seem to be a great way to put hands on expensive notebook computers that one couldn’t afford otherwise, especially for those with a small budget (most of us!). With “laptops for free” , “free notebooks” or “free laptop deals”,  you would wonder if anybody at all sells any notebooks and laptops for a price . It is true that many laptop renown companies offer free or cheap notebooks to promote their products or services.
These companies think long term. Imagine what’s cheaper for them: hiring a consultant to advise on which direction to take in making or refurbishing laptops computers (hoping that the ideas will be right after paying him top money) or getting a feedback directly from you the computer user even if you have to get free notebooks for that. It’s obvious that a laptop giveaway will still be much cheaper for the the computer company than paying the other guy. And plus, they hear directly from the consumer. The hard part is to know if the free giveaway or sweepstakes offer you find online is genuine. That’s why we created this site to help with review of free laptop computers as much as we can.
Many sites  out there advertise of free laptops just for the visitors counter of their websites to add up. We don’t have any counter here. We hope at the end of you visit here, you will end up receiving a free laptop computer. We will feature some notebook sweepstakes too and if you decide to try them, we hope you will be picked as a winner.

HP TouchSmart Laptop

The HP Touchsmart laptop is one one the best laptops on the market. The graphics on this laptop are such high quality that you can watch movies and dvds in high quality without losing the full quality of the picture. If your used to using a
mosue there really is no need to do so because you can control the computer by touching the screen. Everything the mouse does in now in the power of your finger. It is very easy and fun to use on a daily basis. If you would like a HP
TouchSmart laptop, than Crazy Free Laptops can get you one for free.

MacBook Pro Laptop

The MacBok Pro laptop is part of the new family of computers that Apple offers. The MacBook Pro is made from a solid aluminum but it also made thin and very light to carry around. The aluminum gives the laptop a sharp looking laptop that is very strong and looks attractive. The best upgrade that Apple made to the MacBook Pro is that they include a seven hour battery which is on of the longest batteries on the market. The efficiency of this battery makes this free laptop a must have.So if you are interesting in a Super Free Laptop, than the MacBook Pro is for you.
Sony Vaio Z Laptop

The Sony Vaio laptop has all out performance. Inside the laptop you will find the latest Intel Centrino 2 processor and DDR3 memory. This is one of the fasted laptops on the market. Also included is a supreme battery that works for up to 6 hours without recharging. The best feature of the Vaio Z is that it is very silent and you would never know that it is on. The durabiliy of the cover is super strong and allows you to carry
it around without having to worry about breaking it. If you would like a Sony Vaio Z laptop, than Crazy Free Laptops can get you one for free.
Toshiba Satellite Laptop

What makes the Toshiba Satellite laptop so popular is that is comes in 5 different screen sizes. No matter your budget, toshiba has a laptop for you. But no wory here, Crazy Free laptops has a free laptop for you here. The
Toshiba laptop allows you to go mobile anytime you want. You can take this laptop on the go and use it in many places were a regular laptop would not work. The laptop is available is many different colors and a very flashy cover. If you would like a Satellite laptop, than Crazy Free Laptops can get you one for free.

MacBook Air Laptop

Apple continues to push the envelope when it comes to developing new laptops. The Apple MacBook Air is the worlds thinnest laptop and is one of the lightest. The allows carrying the laptop around to be very simple and with no extra energy. Even though the laptop is thin, it is very fast and allows you to do everything a normal laptop allows you to do like listen to music or watch dvd's. The MacBook Air comes with a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor which allows you to do everything. If you would like an Apple MacBook Air laptop, than Crazy Free Laptops can get you one for free.
Voodoo Envy

The Voodoo Envy is one of the newest laptops out on the market. Voodoo was an aquisition by Hewlett Packard and is a very ultraportable laptop. The laptop is made up of carbon fiber and weighs less than 4 pounds. If you want a a laptop that gives you performance made personal. It's creative power lets you run any
out on the market without slowing down the process of other programs. If you would like a Voodoo Envy laptop, than Crazy Free Laptops can get you one for free.

Apple iMac

The Apple iMac is an all in one desktop computer for all of your uses. It provides more display for less and includes a high performance video card which provides for awesome graphics when editing your digital photos or playing games on the computer. The Apple iMac comes with double the memory and has a special
technology that allows you to organize your photos by faces. If you want a free Apple iMac, than Crazy Free Laptops can get you one for free.
Sony Vaio P

The Sony Vaio P is a laptop that fits in the palm of your hand and in the pockets of your coat. Though the Vaio P is smaller, it does not mean the functionality of this laptop is smaller than regular laptops. This laptop allows you to surf the internet and includes the entire keyyboard but with smaller buttons. If you want a free
Sony Vaio P , than Crazy Free Laptops can get you one for free.

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